5 types of green technology that you can use at home

More homeowners are upgrading their homes to an eco-friendly one to save water and energy costs. Here are five green technologies you can use to save money and help sustain the environment.

Solar garden lights

Garden lights simply look beautiful. It is a wonderful way to light up your backyard. But they can consume a lot of energy. If you use solar-powered garden lights, then they are eco-friendly and can save a lot of energy and money. These lights get charged up during the day and can automatically switch on for about 11 hours every night.

Energy efficiency appliances

Energy efficient appliances can save homeowner’s money. By installing ENERGY STAR qualified appliances in your home, you will be saving a lot of money and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL)

CFL bulbs use 66% less energy and can last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs. So, CFL bulbs can generate a positive return on the investment within a very short period. Today;s CFL light covers different colors and have different lighting levels that that can suit any room.

Smart power bars

When wired electronics are in standby mode, ‘phantom loss’ of energy occurs. Electronic device chargers, for example, can consume a huge amount of energy just when they are plugged in. The smart power bars look like traditional power bars, but they can switch off the plugged-in device completely when they are not in use.

Programmable thermostats

These are convenient and sustainable for the environment. These can schedule your HVAC system to turn on and off depending on your need. These are becoming smarter also. And you can now control them remotely.

These green technologies can greatly improve the energy consumption of your home and contribute to sustainable development.

4 sustainable building materials that can be used in construction

As global population is increasing, more accommodation is required. The present mainstream building methods are not sustainable. They produce lots of CO2 during construction. Here are some sustainable building materials that you can use in construction to reduce the emission of CO 2 .

1. Wool bricks

These were developed by Spanish and Scottish researchers. These bricks are constructed by adding wool and a natural polymer that is found in seaweed to the brick’s clay. This brick is 37% stronger than the normal bricks. They are more resistant to cold and wet climate. They can dry hard as well.

2. Solar tiles


The traditional roof tiles are mined from the ground or are set from concrete or clay. These procedures require lots of energy. Nowadays, solar tiles are developed that are fixed on top of the present roofing. Solar tiles are integrated into the building, and it protects the home from the weather and also generates power.

3. Paper insulation

These are made from recycled newspapers and cardboard. It is a great alternative to chemical foams. This type of insulation is both fire retardant and insect resistant. Paper insulation can be inserted into the cavity walls, thus filling every crack.

4. Triple-glazed windows

Three-layered windows can stop heat from leaving the building. These windows also have fully insulated window frames. Between each layer of glass, ‘krypton’ is inserted which is a better insulator. Low-emissivity coatings are also applied to the glass to prevent heat from escaping.

All these materials can be used during construction to make the house more sustainable. These materials must be used in construction for a sustainable development of our planet. Always remember the importance of recycling when taking on any construction project.

Places like Jux2 recycling and waste management have been a leader in the business for some time. Recycling, waste management, and roll-off dumpster rentals are their areas of focus. As more and more companies get involved with recycling, we’ll slowly but surely become a much greener earth.

4 reasons why green building is cheaper than conventional homes

It is a misconception that green building is expensive. The material that is used in he green building construction or the energy saving systems may be costly, but when you compare the costs, in the long run, you will see that green building is much cheaper than the normal homes.Here are the top reasons why they are cheaper compared to the conventional homes.


When you invest in constructing a sustainable home, the mortgage may be constant over the years. With regular construction, this won’t be the case. The fossil fuel gets more expensive as time goes by. It influences the economy so that the mortgage may stay tax-deductible, but your energy bills will continue to increase with convention homes.

Better selling options

When you decide to sell your home, you will get a better value for your house in the market. The green features in your home increase the value of your house. With time, the environmental concerns will grow and so the value of your house will increase.

Electricity saving

When you install solar panels in your home, it produces its electricity that can be used to reduce energy bills and pollution on the planet. This way you will provide your children a better world.


Installing triple-pane windows can give you better insulation. It may cost you more upfront, but it will save you a lot of money later. You will need lower maintenance costs.

The initial investment in green homes may be high, but it pays off later. Green homes are better resistant to fire, earthquake, and wind than conventional homes. They are more comfortable to stay in.