4 sustainable building materials that can be used in construction

As global population is increasing, more accommodation is required. The present mainstream building methods are not sustainable. They produce lots of CO2 during construction. Here are some sustainable building materials that you can use in construction to reduce the emission of CO 2 .

1. Wool bricks

These were developed by Spanish and Scottish researchers. These bricks are constructed by adding wool and a natural polymer that is found in seaweed to the brick’s clay. This brick is 37% stronger than the normal bricks. They are more resistant to cold and wet climate. They can dry hard as well.

2. Solar tiles


The traditional roof tiles are mined from the ground or are set from concrete or clay. These procedures require lots of energy. Nowadays, solar tiles are developed that are fixed on top of the present roofing. Solar tiles are integrated into the building, and it protects the home from the weather and also generates power.

3. Paper insulation

These are made from recycled newspapers and cardboard. It is a great alternative to chemical foams. This type of insulation is both fire retardant and insect resistant. Paper insulation can be inserted into the cavity walls, thus filling every crack.

4. Triple-glazed windows

Three-layered windows can stop heat from leaving the building. These windows also have fully insulated window frames. Between each layer of glass, ‘krypton’ is inserted which is a better insulator. Low-emissivity coatings are also applied to the glass to prevent heat from escaping.

All these materials can be used during construction to make the house more sustainable. These materials must be used in construction for a sustainable development of our planet. Always remember the importance of recycling when taking on any construction project.

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